Sanford Saga Comes to an End

Sorry I’m late with this one. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Jenny are done, through, finished. The former first lady of South Cac filed for divorce the February 27 and was granted her wish. Now, if the state of South Carolina would just follow suit and divorce him then all would be well with the world, but I digress.

            I read the ABC News online article, the first thing that jumped out at me was Jenny’s recollection of right before she, and Mark tied the knot. She stated that he told her outright he wasn’t sure he would be able to be faithful. Excuse me? I guess she thought he was joking. I then found out Mark had been asking permission to go see his mistress. The time the whole “Where’s Mark” fiasco was happening she knew and had told him not go. Since when did spouses grant permission for infidelity? Here’s how I imagine the conversation going.

“Can I go see her today?






The former first lady isn’t leaving this ordeal empty handed. She was able to score a book deal and it’s out now. The memoir entitled “Staying True” chronicles the shenanigans of Guv’na gives insight  into her feelings on the whole situation. The irony is in not only the title, but also the fact that she asked the divorce settlements and so many other things to be kept private for her sons’ sake and then writes a book on the debacle anyway. Oh well.

According to my readings this divorce occurred not because of infidelity within her marriage, but because now everyone found out. I feel she shares some of the blame for not taking him at his word before they got married. She gets props for leaving him at the podium to address the world alone. That was hardcore. I do credit Mr. Sanford for his monogamist cheating style and finding one soul mate. Tiger take notes. And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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