Bad Behavior: No longer just a Guy Thing

Emotions were beyond control Wednesday night as the game between Baylor and Texas Tech ended with Britteny Griner being ejected and Jordan Barncastle nursing a broken nose. While near the free throw line, Griner got tangled up with Barncastle, who attempted to fling her to the ground. The whistle was blown Barncastle continued to talk. Griner responded with a haymaker right in the nose. Tempers flared from both teams and refs had to separate and issue technical fouls. The result of the skirmish; Griner getting hit with a two day suspension.

            Hold the phone LeGarrette Blount taps a guy’s jaw and is out the whole season but this chick breaks a nose and gets two games???  Well according to Skip Bayless this issues isn’t as easy to figure out as it seems. During the ESPN segment 1st and 10, Bayless defended Griner saying she endures not only endless taunting, but extra physical play from opponents. He quoted Wilt Chamberlin saying “nobody roots for Goliath.” He said that she reacted because she was fed up with being picked on and fighting is new to the women’s basketball.

            I have to disagree with Mr. Bayless because I feel that enough fights have taken place in sports period to have a policy in place for situations like this. In 2002 Latasha Byears was fined and suspended for throwing punches. There were numerous suspensions stemming from the infamous Detroit vs. L.A. brawl. Not to mention the countless men’s fights.

            The Associated Press reports that Baylor coach Kim Mulky stands behind Griner describing her as a “gentle giant.” She went on to say in an interview that Griner reacted out of character and should not be defined by this one incident. Unfortunately, women’s sports doesn’t receive get enough attention for her to repair that image anytime soon, unless of course she throws down a couple more ferocious dunks. Aside from that, there is the issue of  punishment fitting the crime.  I feel like there should be a blanket rule for codes of conduct in every sport so we can stop this “oh he’s out the whole season but this guy will on get one or two games” mess. I also think the focus should be placed back on my UNDEFEATED UCONN LADY HUSKIES!!! UCONN will reign supreme no matter what. And that’s just how I’m feelin…

Here’s the incident in question. Check it out and make your own judgement


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