Just A Few Observations…

I come out from the shadows to express how heartbroken I am that my favorite rapper has lost his mind. His antics are getting more and more outrageous, while his music vacillates between enlightening and annoying. You can now just look at him and tell he’s going through some sort of existential crisis a la Britney Spears in 2007. And that’s just how I’m feeling…


Whoppi Goldberg in Jumping Jack Flash. I’m assuming this is where Lupe got the inspiration for his new look.


Lupe Fiasco at the 2013 Grammy’s. Show hasn’t even started yet and he’s already making a fool of himself.



Spring Fest Concert

Had the opportunity to see Melanie Fiona live at Hampton’s Spring Fest concert last month. She’s definitely my favorite female artist out right now. I thought The MF Life was amazing and she sounded just as great live as she did on the cd. Also got to see Big K.R.I.T. and hear him perform a old and new songs.  He’s legit and so was 4Eva N A Day.

Melanie Fiona – Running


Melanie Fiona- Wrong Side of the Love Song


Big K.R.I.T.- Temptation




Just a Few Observations

Lately, I’ve been watching more TV than I probably should be, and I’ve noticed a trend in various advertising campaigns. It may not actually be a trend, more like a coincidence that I’m looking to deep into. Anyway, watch the following commercials and see if you can spot the similarities between them.

Now I’m not going to go all Jesse Jackson on the matter, but I would just like to say it’s very interesting the common joke these commercials share. And that’s just how I’m feelin…

Journalism At It’s Finest

One of the main things they teach us in school about being a journalist, is to roll with the punches. Well this KTLA-TV weather man decided he was going to throw some blows of his own…on live television. I truly wish I could’ve been in the meeting between Mr. DiCarlo and his boss that followed this broadcast.

Clip Clip Hooray!

Tonight marks the first showdown in “Lob City” as the L.A. Clippers take on their big brothers the L.A. Lakers. Before the season officially begins, I wanted to go on record and address a few things.

This is as close as it gets to a real Clipper fan.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a real Clippers fan. Point blank period. I’m about 99.8% certain that family members of the Clippers aren’t real Clippers fans, they just feel obligated to watch. Anyone that claims to be such should be slapped and not taken seriously in any basketball debate.

Secondly, while they will be very exciting to watch this season, I don’t see the Clips doing much damage in the playoffs if they even make it at all. On the plus side the guard heavy team has a healthy mix of youth and experience in the backcourt, and ample options off the bench.  Though they have the great and mighty Griffindor, they don’t have any other legit threats in the post besides DeAndre Jordan, who is still trying to make a name for himself  and averaged just seven points last season. This may just be me, but I’m still a firm believer that Donald Sterling wants to do just enough to sell tickets, but not enough to really be a contender. That’s my conspiracy theory and I’m sticking to it until proven otherwise.

Finally, my predictions for tonight are Clippers by about eight. This is a statement game for the Clippers and they’re going to go all out. The Lakers don’t have a healthy Kobe or someone at the point guard spot to guard CP3. The Clippers will the kings of the city for at least tonight, but once the regular season rolls around, they’ll go back to being the red-headed step-child of the city.  And that’s just how I’m feelin…

Color Me Badly…

I’m minding the business of others on Twitter, when I notice that Shawn Marion is trending. I’m thinking it’s one of

The hairstyle in question...

two things; 1.is a major transaction has just been made involving Marion, or 2. he got arrested. There was a good chance of either happening. Anyway, I click on his name and find out he’s just running the streets looking like an athletic Sisqo. Not sure why it happened, just know it did. I also know he’s not the first NBA baller to make a statement on the court with his less than lovely locks.  Lets take a look at some of the more memorable ones shall we?

Dennis Rodman- Dig in your pockets and pay homage. He made crazy hair an art form.

Jason Kidd- J. Kidd probably was the one to tell his teammate "Yeah man that's a good look", which is rather unfortunate.

Dwayne Schintzius with the mullet action


Vladmir Radmanovic. Kris Kross'll make ya jump jump!


Scot Pollard with the double hair violation. Nice.

Michael Cage just let yo soooooooooooul glo!

Darko Milicic should've stayed dark...


Ron Meta World Peace Artest with yet another example of why blonde isn't for everyone.


And that’s just how I’m feelin….

Buster of the Week

Ladies and gentlemen it with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Buster of the Week ceremony. In case you forgot we here at the B.O.W. committee highlight those going above and beyond the call of duty in stupidity, buffoonery and just plain misfortune and award them a fake trophy and a nice dunce cap to wear during their stint.

We have two candidates this week, who oddly enough, almost have the same name and similar charges. So without further ado, I present this weeks award to Mr. Jermaine Hopkins (a.k.a. Thomas Sams) and Mr. Sam Hurd. *Applause*

He clearly learned nothing from this scene

TMZ reported earlier today that Hopkins, who starred in the 1989 classic “Lean On Me”, was arrested this week for buying 200 lbs of pot from an undercover cop. Hopkins traveled to Arizona to make the deal and was arrested immediately following the transaction. Police then searched his apartment and found another 100 pounds of weed.

Apparently, Morgan Freeman needs to take Sams back up on the roof and asked if he wants to jump. When interrogated, Hopkins said he just wanted to provide a good Christmas for his family. Nothing brings a family together for the holidays like posting bail.

Meanwhile,  in Chicago, Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested for accepting a kilogram of cocaine from an

undercover agent. Hurd then scheduled a meeting to buy more of the gift that keeps on giving and according to the Chicago Tribune, told officers “that he and someone else distributed about four kilograms of cocaine each week in the Chicago area but that their supplier wasn’t able to meet their needs”. This allegedly includes other NFL players.

So on behalf of the B.O.W. committee, I would like to congratulate Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Hurd for their misguided attempts to play Santa Clause.

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