Buster of the Week Award

Really? That's what you're teaching your son child sir?

It’s that time again folks where we award an entity for their outrageous and at times bizarre behavior. This week’s Buster of the Week Award goes to the city of Cleveland. *Applause* Immediately following Lebronaggedon, the citizens of Cleveland lost their minds in the rubble, but were able to band together to act a darn fool. When LBJ announced he was heading to sunny South Beach to join his friends, ESPN cut to images of his jersey being burned around the city. Footage of people  crying in bars and tearing up cardboard cutouts were shown as Lebron discussed his choice. They acted as if God himself had announced he was abandoning them all. The city forgot that Lebron is not God, as well as the 7 very good seasons he spent there. During this period, copius amounts of cash were made and there was a rebirth of the team , for lack of better words.

Way to stay classy Cleveland...

I would like Mr. Dan Gilbert to come up and personally accept the award on behalf of the whole city for the large part he played in this foolishness. The day after the infamous Decision, Gilbert wrote a scathing apology to the city in which he ripped LBJ and said


With whom sir, Anthony Parker??? The letter showed an immense lack of couth and good sense. Many on Twitter said he sounded like a lover scorned. Accurate.

I would also like to take time out to recognize our second place winners, the media, for making this the most over hyped event in sports history. Special shout out also goes to our equally important third place winners, America, for watching the most over hyped event in sports history.

On behalf of the committee, I want to again congratulate everyone on their accomplishments. Stay classy Cleveland.  And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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