Buster of the Week Award

Welcome to our 3rd Buster of the Week Ceremony. As a native of this state, it is with great pleasure I award this week’s award to South Carolina government! *Applause* SC elected officials have managed to stay in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. We have a have a laundry list of follies to cover, so let’s get started shall we?

                First and foremost, the man that put us on the map for stupidity Mr. Mark Sanford. As many know he was reported missing and turns out he was getting his groove on in South America with his now infamous “soul mate.” He set the bar high for those aspiring to be a political laughingstock.

                Flash forward to today and Mr. Jake Knotts. He referred to president Obama and governor candidate Nikki Haley as rag heads. Not only did he drop an offensive racial slur, but he claimed the humor was lost in the between the time he said it and the time it made headlines. That’s because there was no humor in what you said sir.

                Last but certainly not least, we have the latest piece in a comedy routine about SC government; Mr. Alvin Greene. Who is he you might ask? Well that’s what most of the state and or country is wondering. Greene beat out Vic Rawls in the South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary with no website, no fundraising and a criminal record. The 32-year-old ex-military man is now unemployed, lives with his parents and was busted last year for basically creeping a chick out with porno pictures. He was charged for showing the lewd pics, as well as trying to go to the female’s room without her consent.  The Democratic party is urging him to step down. Sounds like someone got away with one awesome prank. I cannot wait to see what Jon Stewart has to say on the matter.

                So on behalf of the Buster of the Week Committee and proud South Carolinians, I’d like to thank you South Carolina Government for representing the people.

And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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  2. Jammers Nicole
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 15:57:39

    lmao!!! I’m gonna comment again when I get home from work, but good work. Souf Cac fo’ lyfe!


  3. Jammers Nicole
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 22:36:28

    Sanford lost his contender status in the 2012 presidential election for that mess. I don’t understand how he obtained said contender status in the first place. He’s a lousy governor.

    Dude was wrong for saying that. I think I could tolerate Nikki more if she embraced her heritage and went by her first name which is Nimrata. That sends a much more powerful message than Nikki.

    And the black guy just disgraces me, almost as much as the people who decided to elect him. No doubt he got votes from some Al Green fans lol.


    • TheGreatChaunteezy
      Jun 11, 2010 @ 00:02:44

      AHAHAHAHAH OMG YOU’RE PROLLY RIGHT!!! I was like it’s not his fault yall the idiots that closed your eyes and voted for him!!! He sounds special as well smh. I feel bad for Vic Rawls. Dude you lost to someone like that? #GiveUp! You’re right tho I wondered why she changed her name like that smh. Yooo ya boy uhm shuck can’t remember his name but one of the dudes that lost went OFF! I’ll post the link on your wall


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