Summer Sports Preview

Its summertime folks and here’s what a good bit of my tweets will be dedictated to…

–          The FIFA World Cup begins June 11

Ghana, one of my personal favorites, approaches the Cup this year with a new more defensive strategy. Eric Addo told “We’re now a bit more involved all over the pitch, everyone’s aware of the importance of defending from the front, everyone shares in the work. Ghana was one of the shockers in the 06 Cup in Germany beating teams like the USA and the Czech Republic. Ghana is also looking to make a statement on their home continent and is riding a wave of emotion after making it to the finals of the African Cup of Nations. They’re going to need to use their, new strategy, experience and athleticism if they are to compete with teams such as Brazil (another fav of mine), Italy and 06 Cup winner France. They may have to use their head to defeat Zinedine Zidane ha-ha…yea I’m done.


–          WNBA season kicks off May 15. Stop laughing I’m serious.

My girl Tina Charles was taken as the number pick overall and will stay in Connecticut to make her mark in the league and try and help the Sun make a run at the title. To get there, they’ll first have to dethrone the current champs, Diana Taurasi the Phoenix Mercury.  The WNBA has seen a rise in attendance as well as coverage so don’t sleep on the league.

–           MLB action will take a brief pause in July for All-Star weekend. Bud Selig and co is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that horrendous tie game will not happen again. The ballot is up and fans can vote for who they want to send to the game. Personally I am more interested in those voting on the title of Barry Bond’s new Tyler Perry produced movie. My favorite so far is “

“Why did I take Steroids Too?”

–          Of course the NBA Finals take place in June. I stand behind my semi-bold prediction that it will not be a Laker-Cavalier matchup. Be on the lookout for the NBA draft as well as the free agent market. Some pretty big names are going to be on the market this year including Chris Bosh, who’s creating buzz about his availability via twitter. I predict that LebronsElbow will be the difference maker so watch where he goes.


And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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