For Those That Question The Answer

ESPN’s new documentary series “30 for 30” premiered Tuesday night with awarding winning director/producer Steven James’ “No Crossover,” the story of basketball star Allen Iverson. Most probably know him as the one-man show, the player that publicly denounced the importance of practice and a catalyst in the merger between hip-hop and basketball.

This documentary gives a more intimate look at the life of man people love to blame. Iverson’s story is pretty bleak. Born to a teenage mother with a penchant for drugs, Iverson struggled to navigate the choppy waters of adolescence with no father present and the extra burden of taking care of his young sister. He made a name for himself as a standout athlete at Bethel High located in Hampton, Va. His biggest headline would come after a Valentine’s Day skirmish that altered his life as well as the lives of those living in Hampton. During the night in question, a white person allegedly called Iverson the n word and that’s when a fight broke out. Iverson was accused of throwing a chair and hitting a white female. Despite the fact that he was a minor at the time of the incident, he was tried as an adult and eventually sentenced to 15 year in prison, which was later furloughed by Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder. This single incident had a huge impact on race relations in the city as well as the country.

Now I’m not saying everything he’s been through should excuse everything he’s done since entering in the league, my point is people are quick to label him a thug, a selfish player and an overall villain without really knowing his story. Before characterizing him think is he really the antagonist in this tale or the product of a world that wasn’t to kind to him? And that’s just how I’m feeling…

For more info on the series as well as upcoming episodes and times, check out


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