Just a Few Observations…

-In recent news, an eight-year-old boy in Ohio crashed the family van trying to get gas. The father of the child said he was just trying to do a favor. Forget child labor laws little man would be working to fix my whip!

-Tiger is still apologizing. I don’t which is worse that fact that he’s still talking or that people are still listening/reporting

-Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, is set to have a hearing with the Jackson family present. My question is when is Joe’s hearing. For what? Everything.

-Lil Wayne has a jail blog. I’m a little upset that his internet connection from jail is more reliable than the one I have at an accredited university.

-Dancing with the stars has created a lot of hype this season for the drama going on. Kate managed to run off another man and annoy Pamela Anderson. Meanwhile, that lovable octogenerian Buzz Aldrin is still in the race. He’s running it at a much slower pace the rest but he’s in it none the less

-The Philadelphia Eagles traded Donovon McNabb to the Washingtion Redskins. Even if he chokes in the Super Bowl again, it’ll still been a huge improvement.

-Lent ended this weekend! Props to everyone that had their temptation on hand and indulged at midnight.

-Duke defeated Butler  for the big enchilada. It was honestly a lot closer than I thought it would be. Came down to a missed half-court shot attempt. Very very very good game.

 -People think 78 degrees is hot. If they are this scantly clad now it’s gonna be a nudist colony when the weather breaks 80. I for one will stay inside for as long as possible because my eyes can only take so much.

And that’s just how I’m feellin…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie Minick
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 04:58:09

    lmao @ the following:
    -Lil Wayne
    -Nudist colony
    -Boy fixin the whip

    #cosign with Joe Jackson and Tiger Woods.


  2. thegreatchaunteezy
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 15:28:58

    lol my homegirl went to bojangles at midnight and got fries it was too savage! and i will not make a free joe sign he can just go!


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