Stop The Madness!

            It’s week one of the most wonderful time of the year. March Madness has been just that, pure madness; as well as sheer insanity and downright foolish at times. Some things however, never change. I still have whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is. That’s right any bracket I touch my pen to is destined to fail. Always has always will. Ok so I was a little reckless thinking it would be a good idea to pick Texas in 05 just to be different. But I’m wiser now, or so I thought before Kansas fell to Northern Iowa and disappointed millions of office pool participants and bracket enthusiast, including myself.

While Northern Iowa is the tip of the spear in this shock and awe campaign, they are not the sole participants. Elsewhere Saint Mary’s knocked off No. 2 seed Villanova and Washington dismantled New Mexico. Ohio upended Georgetown in the round thus making everyone who said avoiding going with the Hoya’s sound like wise old sages. The first round was scattered with close to a dozen lower seeded victories and the Kansas defeat shows that no one is safe. So who’s set to take the crown? Kentucky is at the top of the list now in the talk for the title.  Personally, I think the Ivan brothers from the Capitol One commercial have what it takes to cut the net next month.  

So with my bracket busted, I will now enjoy the rest of the tournament as just a mere spectator and hope this tournament is chalked full of upsets and millions of other disgruntled fans. Doggone it I want Northern Iowa to win the whole thing now! Meanwhile, I still have faith in my UCONN Lady Huskies, but then again I probably shouldn’t speak too soon. And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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  1. Canefan
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 22:27:59

    Should I say it? UR DONE! LOL! My hear was broken when Maryland fought back and due to a break down in defense lost at the buzzer! SIGH! There have been few blowouts during the tourney thus far and I hope it continues.


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