Bye Bye Birdies…

Ladies and Gentlemen! From the state that brought you the Portland Jailblazers, I introduce to you their successors the Oregon Ducks! The Ducks have collected more total charges this year than total yards of offense. They have reached an unprecedented level of criminality that not even my beloved Miami Hurricanes have touched during their trouble years. The question is how did they get to this point? 

            The first incident to draw attention to the program was LeGarrette Blount’s meltdown on national television after the Ducks lost to Boise State. He not only landed a nasty haymaker on Bryon Hout’s jaw, but then proceeded to go after fans in a very Ron Artest fashion. It was later announced that he was suspended for the remainder of the season. This issue with this particular case in my opinion was not the fact that he would be reinstated with three games left in the season nor was it the fact that he was allowed to keep his scholarship, but that this was not Blount’s first offense, it was just the first on TV. According to NCAA Football Fanhouse, Blount had reportedly been skipping out on team meetings and such for some time. He served a suspension last year around this time for “failure to fulfill team obligations.”

            The next incident in the troubled saga was the brawl involving several backup Oregon players.  This lead to an outrageous post by WR Jamere Holland, who was later dismissed from the team. I didn’t really understand what the status meant but, I did understand Coach’s comments when he said they’ve given him so many chances. Hmm a reoccurring theme…interesting. Since then six players have been arrested including RB LaMichael James. James was Blount’s replacement and was arrested this week for domestic violence charges. He allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the neck and slammed her to the ground.  

            . The Associated Press reported that Chip Kelley is rushing to make a decision on what to do about James, which is understandable I guess. If I were him, I’d still scrap all of the aforementioned players and hold open tryouts. He says he stresses discipline and has already let go two players for undisclosed reasons and Kiko Alonso has been suspended for the 2010 season. If he is serious about discipline then I vote he goes with a zero tolerance policy where players understand upfront what’s expected and any violation results in automatic dismissal and that goes for everyone. No more of this second and third chance mess for star players and sacrificing a few to appease the masses. And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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