That’ll Do Tiger, That’ll Do

This past Friday Tiger Woods decided to come out of hiding/rehab or wherever he’s been to issue a formal apology to the world. Some are referring to it as “Tiger’s State of the Union Address” because of the formal setting and intense nature. I watched a bit of it on the internet and found the whole thing to be a little queer (queer meaning strange).

            My first bone of contention was how intense his apology was despite his monotonous tone. He sounded like a slightly illiterate robot as he read his script and apologized to everyone from his fans to his business partners for letting them down. It sounded like he was apologizing for setting fire to a children’s hospital and not just cheating on his wife.

            The second thing that threw me off was his random tangents. Somewhere in the middle of his laundry list of people he disappointed he mentions his foundation. He didn’t apologize to them but said he would continue serving because his father would want that. Ok cool? Then he went on to say he was not on steroids. Tiger we didn’t ask you that. At one point during the speech, he chastised the media for harassing his family. This was the only part of the speech where he showed any real emotion to me. I agreed with him when he said they should not be following his two-year-old daughter to school and disclosing the location of said school. He stressed that it was his mistake and he should be the only one in the limelight.

            The Fresno Bee reported that the Dalai Lama commented on Tiger’s situation because apparently Woods is Buddhist. It must be a slow day in the world when top religious leaders are commenting on incidents such as this. I hope that the Tiger scandal hype will die out and he can go ahead and put this behind him. Oh and as far as scripted apologies go his was better written and rehearsed than Chris Brown’s so I give him a C and that’s just how I’m feeling…


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  1. Jamie Minick
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 03:07:35


  2. Jamie Minick
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 03:20:50

    Bill Clinton offered Tiger support lmao,,20347748,00.html


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