Here’s What I saw Happening This Week…

This is just somethings that caught my attention this week (Feb. 14-20) More observations soon…


  • Valentine’s Day, a day in which love is in the air. Well apparently everyone’s been holding their breath because I saw nothin but single people on Feb. 14. In fact it was to the point that my twitter fam was referring to it as “Single’s Appreciation Day”. Fine by me I’m a firm believer that love is for suckers.
  •  That night my true Valentine basketball did not disappoint as the East defeated the West 141-139 in the NBA All-Star Game. Dwayne Wade took home the MVP hardware in front of a record breaking crowd of 108,713 fans at Cowboys Stadium. It was a darn good game, now if we could just redo that horrendous slam-dunk contest…



  • Hollywood director Kevin Smith was told he was too fat to fly on Southwest Airlines…stop laughing.
  •  NBC received criticism for repeatedly showing the video of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili’s tragic crash that happened while he was competing. Honestly, I am not sure why they thought that was ok.
  • The Westminster Dog Show is in full swing…insert Mike Vick joke…
  • I sat next to a girl with an incredibly dry scalp. It sounded like she was scratching sandpaper. Not really news but it’s just something I observed.
  • My Hampton University Lady Pirates won their 8th straight game by beating the #1 team in the MEAC. BOW DOWN!


  • I turned on the Winter Olympics for the first time in an effort to support Team USA. OMG IT WAS BORING AS SIN!!! The fact that curling was on may have had something to do with it. I also saw an interview with that ice skater Johnny Weir. When I turned it on, he was in a tub naked with another man. It was at that point I decided I was done with the Winter Olympics.  P.S. I feel like curling is something that should be on Wii Sports Resort not the Olympics.
  • A new season of Teen Mom premiered on MTV and America found a new teen to despise. Just when you thought Farrah was the epitome of slack parenthood we meet Janelle a 16 yr old girl with a dead beat boyfriend, no priorities, no respect for her mother(who watches the baby most of the episode) and no concept of the term parenting. 
  • LENT! Did anyone give up anything? I gave up social networking, which was not the best marketing move since I just started blogging. Oh well.


  • Saw an amazing trick shot from Murray State guard Isaiah Caanan (yo that’s a lot of vowels). Check it out
  • Speedskater Shani Davis took home the gold today in the 1000 meter race. NOW I’m officially done with the Winter Olympics. P.S. Shani though?
  • Those lowly, pitful Nets are now 5-49. At this point none of them should recieve pay and they should just sink into obscurity and try again next season.


  • Busy day in the NBA as everyone tried to get what they needed before the deadline. T-Mac was shipped to New York for some people who are not that important. Let’s hope no one pokes him in the back or knee. Nate Robinson went east to Boston. Cleveland got big man Antwan Jamison who honestly I forgot was still in the league. They look to be the team to beat in the east now. Amare stayed put
  • I watched America’s Best Dance Crew and was left asking one question: Why the Helen Keller is there a Canadian dance team in the mix???  Well Lil Mama was her usual cool self. Still not sure how Lipgloss made he qualified to be a judge. Omarion had on a lovely burlap sweater and he offered his critique. He hasn’t been the same since he broke up with Bow Wow. My personal favorite is the group that dances like robots. Don’t think they’ll go far but they make me laugh. P.S. If Mario ever says T-Swizzle again he should be slapped.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie Minick
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 01:47:20

    Sandpaper dry scalp girl cracked me up! lol


  2. MomofChaunteezy
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 04:20:37

    You should have checked out the women’s downhill skiing. Such violence! I was shocked and amused at the same time. I still haven’t figured it out.


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