John Mayer: Should We Care?

So for those of you that avoided the internet and E News completely, you missed the latest outrageous remarks from John Mayer. In a recent interview with Playboy, (see  Mayer characterized his genitals as a “white supremacist” when asked if he would ever date a black woman. He went on to make inane statement about his alleged “hood pass” and how it should be called a n word pass.

                Now I’m not gonna lie when I read the story I felt some kinda way, but the more I thought about it I had no plans on having relations with Mr. Mayer nor do I desire a hood pass so it really has no effect on my life. Many will argue he was completely ignorant and used derogatory, degrading language. True. I just feel like we as a race get away with taking shots at other races and only have a problem when a black joke is made.

Some of you may recall a few years back when Shaq was being interviewed and said “tell Yao Ming I said…” and proceeded to say something in faux mandarin. While the league did chastise him and made him apologize for his actions, I don’t remember and major black media saying “shame on you Shaq!” Over the summer I was listening to the radio and some show where Judge Joe Brown was the guest. A Hispanic caller asked him for tips to get along with his black neighbors and Brown’s response was for him to “offer to cut their grass.” He then proceeded to use every racial slur possible. The show’s regular host cracked up as this was going on. 

My point in saying this is that there never seems to be an issue until someone says something about black people. Then we wanna call Al Sharpton (who contrary to popular belief is NOT the voice of black people!) and raise a fuss. At the same point in time we’re saying equally ignorant things in our music on t.v. and the radio and hide behind the “oh we’ve been oppressed and called names for so long its time to retaliate” excuse. Moral of the story black people: either clean up or shut up. If you cant take it then don’t dish it out. As for my thoughts on John Mayer, he’s a douche. And that’s just how I’m feelin…


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  1. deja.!
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 20:12:14

    that being said… i was only offended because it meant my chances wth him were gone. i was pretty salty. but honestly… i knew he was a jerk wen he told his audience to shut the f*** up on national….. album live..ness.

    so.. he’s stupid. but watev.

    (cool blog chaunte”llllll.! i want one!)


    • thegreatchaunteezy
      Feb 26, 2010 @ 22:07:28

      LOL OH DEAR! we must re-evaluate your morals ma’am. I too heard he was a jerk but never really paid attention to him just listened to a couple of his tracks. He’s still a pretty decent artist.
      P.s. Thanks deja!! And in the event you do get one i will read comment and whatever else i’m allowed to do on it.
      P.p.s just dont share your ideas on pranks :-/


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